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Programme description

About Master Studies in Chemistry in English

Individual studies at the Faculty of Chemistry in English are studies aimed at students who want to study in an individual mode, having a vision of their education based on cooperation with a research group solving specific scientific and research problems.

The „candidate” first establishes a contact (alone or through a dean’s office) with a chosen academic employee who conducts scientific research interesting for the „Candidate”. This employee becomes a Scientific Supervisor. The studies will last 4 semesters, just like in the case of Polish-language studies. As in Polish-language studies, the course of Biochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry is obligatory. Theoretical Chemistry, Crystallography and Environmental/Instrumental Analysis are obligatory if the student didn’t complete these courses in the relevant thematic and hour dimension at the first level of studies. The student is required to collect 30 ECTS points.

As part of the directional subject (Directional Course) there is space for the individual student’s education path. The supervisor is required to indicate laboratory classes from the faculty offer, so that the student can get 7.5 ECTS points and prepare for further studies and research. The concept of this semester is to enable the student to adapt at the Faculty of Chemistry and to make more conscious choice of objects of interest. During the next semesters, the choice of subjects (specialization lectures, monographic lectures and workshops) will depend only on the student and his supervisor (the only requirement is to collect 30 ECTS in each semester). It is also obligatory to get a minimum of 5 ECTS in the field of humanities or social subjects. Students will be also encouraged to choose subjects at other faculties of the University of Warsaw and Warsaw University of Technology.

The contact person of the Individual studies in English is Dr Katarzyna Sęktas (ksokolowska@chem.uw.edu.pl). She will support students in choosing scientific supervisor and assist during study programme. The student should be also prepared to attend various classes from a field other than chemistry (6-8 ECTS) as those in the field of humanities or social sciences (5 ECTS).