Laboratory of Peptides


Head of the laboratory:

prof. dr hab. Aleksandra Misicka-Kęsik


  • Dr Karolina Pułka-Ziach
  • Dr Dagmara Tymecka
  • Dr Rafał Wieczorek
  • Dr Beata Wileńska
  • Dr Ewa Witkowska

PhD students:

  • Mgr Bartłomiej Fedorczuk
  • Mgr Karolina Grabowska
  • Mgr Anna Nieścioruk
  • Mgr Radosław Piast
  • Mgr Anna Puszko

Research themes:

  • Design, synthesis and conformation studies of peptidomimetics with antiangiogenic properties
  • Synthesis and conformation studies of oligourea foldamers
  • Helical foldamers as model compounds for studies of long-distance transport of electrons
  • HPLC-MS stability studies of peptidomimetics in physiological fluids
  • Catalitic peptides in prebiotic reactions
  • Synthesis of bifunctional peptides with potential analgesic activity
  • Immunoenzymatic and in vitro studies of potential antiangiogenic compounds
  • Design and synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles conjugated with modified antiangiogenic peptidomimetics
  • Mass spectrometry based search for biomarkers of pathological states
  • MALDI-MS imaging of tissues
  • Synthesis and biological activity studies of cyclic peptides with angiogenic properties

Recent achievements:


  • PAT.224854, Novel peptidomimetics with antiangiogenic activity

Misicka-Kęsik A, Tymecka D, Fedorczyk B, Wilenska B, Sosnowski P, Witkowska E, Ladam P, Perret G, Starzec A.

  • PCT/EP2016/070338, Novel cyclic peptidomimetics, compositions containing them and their use in the treatment of diseases associated with angiogenesis,

Misicka-Kęsik A, Grabowska K, Puszko A, Nieścioruk A, Sosnowski P, Fedorczyk B, Tymecka D, Wilenska B, Witkowska E.


  • Szczepanska-Sadowska, E., Zera, T., Sosnowski, P., Cudnoch-Jedrzejewska, A., Puszko, A., & Misicka, A. (2017). Vasopressin and Related Peptides; Potential Value in Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment of Clinical Disorders. Current Drug Metabolism, 18(4), 306-345.
  • Grabowska, K., Puszko, A.K., Lipiński, P.F., Laskowska, A.K., Wileńska, B., Witkowska, E., Perret, G.Y. and Misicka, A., 2017. Structure-activity relationship study of a small cyclic peptide Hc [Lys-Pro-Glu]-Arg-OH: a potent inhibitor of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor interaction with Neuropilin-1. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 25(2), 597-602.
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  • Frączak, O., Lasota, A., Tymecka, D., Kosson, P., Muchowska, A., Misicka, A., & Olma, A. (2016). Synthesis, binding affinities and metabolic stability of dimeric dermorphin analogs modified with β3‐homo‐amino acids. Journal of Peptide Science, 22(4), 222-227.
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  • Kleczkowska P, Hermans E, Kosson P, Kowalczyk A, Lesniak A, Pawlik K, Bojnik E, Benyhe S, Nowicka B, Bujalska-Zadrozny M, Misicka A. (2016) Antinociceptive effect induced by a combination of opioid and neurotensin moieties vs. their hybrid peptide [Ile 9] PK20 in an acute pain treatment in rodents. Brain Research. 2016,1648:172-80.
  • Pulka‐Ziach K, Pavet V, Chekkat N, Estieu‐Gionnet K, Rohac R, Lechner MC, Smulski CR, Zeder‐Lutz G, Altschuh D, Gronemeyer H, Fournel S. (2015) Thioether Analogues of Disulfide‐Bridged Cyclic Peptides Targeting Death Receptor 5: Conformational Analysis, Dimerisation and Consequences for Receptor Activation. ChemBioChem. 16(2):293-301.
  • Slupska, M., Pulka‐Ziach, K., Deluga, E., Sosnowski, P., Wilenska, B., Kozminski, W., & Misicka, A. (2015). Synthesis of rigid tryptophan mimetics by the diastereoselective Pictet–Spengler reaction of β3‐homo‐tryptophan derivatives with chiral α‐amino aldehydes. Journal of Peptide Science, 21(12), 893-904.

Recently defended Master and Bachelor theses:

  • Synthesis of bifunctional peptides with potential affinity for the opioid and melanocortin system
  • Synthesis of bifunctional peptides with potential analgesic activity
  • Synthesis of bifunctional peptide ligands interacting with G protein-coupled receptors
  • New antiracemization additives in peptide synthesis
  • Catalytic peptides in prebiotic reactions
  • Synthesis of short catalytic lipopetide with potential antibacterial properties