Ta strona wykorzystuje ciasteczka ("cookies") w celu zapewnienia maksymalnej wygody w korzystaniu z naszego serwisu. Czy wyrażasz na to zgodę?

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if you passed the exam (i.e. you got at least 30 points) and the documents you enclose meet the requirements,

you will be qualified
you will be on the reserve list.

you will receive information about it on your individual registration accounts in the system of Internet Recruitment of Candidates on the day the qualification results are announced.

If you are qualified proceed to the next step. If you are on the reserve list, you must wait for people with more points than you to withdraw from admission to studies. An updated list will be visible at the registration account, according to schedule.

Please note! Messages published at candidate’s individual registration account are considered as delivered and binding. University of Warsaw is not responsible for the effects of candidates’ failure to familiarize themselves with a content of messages available at individual registration account.

If the candidate is certain that obvious mistake, writing error or imprecise information on the result has occured, he/she may also turn to the appropriate admissions committee within three days from the date of announcement of qualification results in order to correct his/her result or part of the result.

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