4EU+ shared courses for students and doctoral candidates
26 lipca 2022

The UW academic teachers can register their courses for the winter semester of 2022/2023. The courses can be attended by the students and doctoral candidates of the 4EU+ Alliance five partner universities.

As part of the 4EU+ educational cooperation, the academic teachers of the University of Warsaw can offer their courses to the students and doctoral candidates of the five partner universities. The 4EU+ shared courses are available online or in a hybrid mode. Candidates can enrol in a course via the internet. The assessment is carried out online as well.

The courses are conducted either in English or in one of the languages of the 4EU+ Alliance partner universities: German, French, Italian, Danish or Czech. Subjects of the courses correspond to one of the 4EU+ Flagships.

Proposals for the shared courses should be submitted by 4th September 2022 via the Google Sheet.

For more information on sharing courses with the 4EU+ students and doctoral candidates, please follow this link >>

Since the 2020/2021 academic year, the academics of 19 faculties and other units of the University of Warsaw have made a total number of 144 shared courses available to 4EU+ participants. Over 200 students from all five 4EU+ partner universities have attended the courses offered by the UW.

Any questions related to the 4EU+ teaching offer, should be directed to Dr Marta Jaworska-Oknińska, the Office for International Research and Liaison, and the 4EU+ Alliance Local Office, e-mail: m.jaworska-okninska@uw.edu.pl.


Source: www.en.uw.edu.pl

Results of the competition in the OPUS 16 grant

The recruitment commission announces that the competition for the postdoctoral positions in the NSC grant OPUS 16 „Selective transport of biologically relevant anions through lipid bilayers” was won by the following candidates: Dr. Debashis Mondal and Dr. Munshi Sahid Hossain.