4EU+ shared courses

In the winter semester 2022/2023, online courses organised by 4EU+ member universities will be available for students. The registration for Sorbonne University courses is open now.

In the winter semester 2022/2023, five 4EU+ Alliance member universities (the University of Warsaw, Charles University, Sorbonne University, Heidelberg University and the University of Milan) will make their online courses available to all 4EU+ students.

Courses at Sorbonne University

The course catalogues will be published gradually according to the academic calendars of each institution. Sorbonne University is the first to open the registration for students. There are four courses to choose from:

  • Green Label I (in French, for BA, 2nd year students) – registration is open until the end of July;
  • Green Label II (in French, for BA, 3rd year students) – registration is open until the end of July;
  • Structural and Mechanistic Enzymology (in French and English, for MA, 2nd year students) – registration is open until 10th September;
  • Strategic Management and Intrapreneurship (in English, for BA, 3rd year students) – registration is open until 11th September.

Course catalogue and information on enrolment procedures offered by Sorbonne University are available on the 4EU+ Alliance website >>

Courses at the University of Milan

The University of Milan offers 28 courses, e.g. International Commercial and Investment Arbitration, Gender Justice, Women in tech: new frontiers of gender-related rights and artificial intelligence, Molecular Bases of Taste. The full list of available courses can be found on the 4EU+ website >>

Registration starts 25th August.

Offers from other universities

The list of available courses at the other universities will be published at a later date:

  • Charles University: at the end of August;
  • University of Warsaw and Heidelberg University: at the beginning of September.

Course catalogues, information on enrolment procedures and schedules of courses offered by 4EU+ universities are available on the 4EU+ Alliance website >>


Important information for students planning to take online courses offered by 4EU+ universities >>

Before taking a course offered by an Alliance partner university, the student should sign 4EU+ Learning Agreement in his/her Faculty/Unit in order to determine and approve whether the course selected by the student from the 4EU+ offer can be recognised as part of the student’s degree programme (e.g. elective course, OGUN) or whether the course will be indicated as a form of an extracurricular activity.

For any questions concerning the 4EU+ shared online courses, please contact: 4euplus.mobility(at)uw.edu.pl.


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