The 2022/2023 admissions to the UW
29 kwietnia 2022

Admissions to first-cycle and full-cycle studies at the UW in the 2022/203 academic year start on 6th June. Until 5th July, applications can be registered via the Internet Recruitment of Candidates system. The UW also prepared an educational offer for applicants from Ukraine.

The University of Warsaw’s educational offer includes the studies in the area of Exact Science, Social Science and the Humanities, as well as interdisciplinary programmes, and the programmes with English as the language of instruction. All in all, there are over one hundred different programmes of the studies at the UW. The full list of the studies that are available in the 2022/2023 academic year, including descriptions of particular courses and required qualifications, are provided on the IRK website >>.

Admissions: key dates and deadlines

  • 6th June: registration via the IRK system is launched;
  • 5th July: the last day the IRK system is open for registration;
  • 19th July: admissions results published;
  • 20th–22nd July: first round of the reply to the offer by qualified candidates.

Admissions rules and application deadlines for the 2022/2023 academic year >>

The admissions timelines for other programmes of the studies, including the selected studies in English, part-time first- , second- and full-cycle programmes, are specified in the appendix no. 4 of the resolution of the UW Senate>>. In addition, the procedures are published in the IRK system >>.

New programmes of the studies

This year new programmes of the studies are opened:

  • African Studies, full-time, second-cycle programme in English;
  • Interdisciplinary Studies on Social Change: Mediterranean and Other European Borderlands, full-time, second-cycle programme in English;
  • Studia kanadyjskie, full-time, second-cycle programme in Polish;
  • English Studies – Linguistics, full-time, first-cycle programme in English;
  • English Studies – Linguistics, full-time, second-cycle programme in English;
  • English Studies – Literature and Culture, full-time, first-cycle programme in English;
  • English Studies – Literature and Culture, full-time, second-cycle programme in English.

Results of the matura examination are crucial in the admission to the first- and full-cycle studies. Yet, some programmes of the studies require additional predisposition testing.

The past years admissions statistics and data on the number of applicants per a university place are available on the Admissions Office website >>.

Admissions for Ukrainian applicants

The admission process for the Polish and Ukrainian citizens, who fled the war in Ukraine, starts after 29th April 2022. Each programme of the studies, including commencing the studies as well as continuing the studies commenced in Ukraine, has its limits available only to the above applicants.
Altogether, there are 2,437 places solely for applicants from Ukraine, including 1,507 places for those who intend to start their studies at the UW, and 930 places as part of transfer studies from a Ukrainian university.

The University of Warsaw offers simplified admission procedures for applicants from Ukraine, both to start their studies or to continue the studies commenced at a Ukrainian university. The registration via the Internet Recruitment of Candidates from Ukraine system (IRK) is obligatory. The system is a result of the cooperation between the University of Warsaw and the Inter-University Centre for Informatisation (MUCI), supported by the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (KRASP), and the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). The information about the admissions procedures will be available in the Ukrainian language as well.

When documents necessary to apply for the studies are lost cause of the war, the applicant should deliver a statement, which will be followed by the examination by the admissions committee. The simplified procedures for the UW students-to-be from Ukraine also refer to the transfer to the UW before completing the first year of the studies at a mother university, the start of the so-called “zero year” to learn the Polish language, as well as abridged applications to avoid the need to unnecessarily wait for the official university pledge in order be authorised to apply for scholarships, allowances etc.

Detailed conditions and procedures of the enrolment for the first year of the first-cycle, second cycle and full-cycle studies at the University of Warsaw for applicants from Ukraine in the 2022/2023 academic year >>.

The Ochota Campus Discovery Day

The event is held on 11th June (Saturday) at 11.00, on the Ochota Campus at 93 Żwirki i Wigury Street.Those interested in Exact and Natural Sciences can take part in the Ochota Campus Discovery Day (DOKO). The event is held onsite this year, which is an opportunity to follow interesting popular science lectures and presentations, conduct scientific experiments and visit professional labs. Applicants can learn more about their future studies, talk to students and administration of the UW.

The DOKO is a cyclical joint initiative of the UW faculties of: BiologyChemistryPhysicsGeologyMathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, as well as the Biological and Chemical Research Centre, the Centre of New Technologies, the Inter-Faculty Individual Studies on Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MISMaP) College, the Heavy Ion Laboratory at the University of Warsaw, and the University Centre for Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development.

More information about DOKO 2022 (only in Polish) >>

The Study Visits Programme for Ukrainian Students and Doctoral Candidates at the University of Warsaw  was launched on 27th April. The Programme is dedicated to citizens of Ukraine or Poland, who crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border after 24th February, and were either students, or doctoral candidates, at a Ukrainian university in 2021/2022. The duration of the visits ranges from three to six months. Applicants must submit their research plan to be approved by the hosting department at the UW. All areas of studies are available. The first round of the initiative offers places for 100 students and 10 doctoral candidates. If great interest in the programme is aroused, another round of recruitment can be launched.

More details about the Programme >>