We publish the information on Employee Capital Plans (ECP; in Polish: Pracownicze Plany Kapitałowe, PPK), a voluntary long-term saving programme, developed and co-financed by employees (employees and contractors subject to obligatory social insurance), employers and the state. Payments financed by the employees, the employer, a welcome payment and an annual surcharge from the state will be transferred to individual private ECP accounts.

On 26th March, the University of Warsaw signed an agreement with the PZU SA Investment Fund Management Company (Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych PZU SA) on the management of PPK.

The fund will be managing assets of UW employees who decided to join PPK (aged 55-70) and those who had not resigned from participation in PPK (aged 18-54). The contract with PZU will be concluded no later than 10th April. The first contributions to Employee Capital Plans will be calculated on the remuneration paid after 10th April 2021.

To learn more about Employee Capital Plans, watch this webinar >>

After signing the contract, each PPK participant will receive a welcome letter (with access to the inPZU website). The letter will be sent to the correspondence address included in SAP (check your address of correspondence in ESS, if there are changes, please report them to the UW Human Resources Office).

A PPK participant may, in certain circumstances, reduce the basic payment or resign from a previously declared lower basic payment. The obligatory basic contribution financed by a PPK participant may be less than 2% of their remuneration, but not less than 0.5% if the remuneration of a PPK participant obtained from various sources in a given month does not exceed the amount corresponding to 120% of the minimum remuneration.

View the “Declaration on financing the basic payments into employee capital plans (PPK)”, available on the UW Human Resources website (PPK subpage) >>

Each PPK participant can declare a voluntary additional payment – up to 2% of gross remuneration.

PPK participants can, at any time:

  • Declare a voluntary additional payment;
  • Change the amount of the additional payment;
  • Resign from making the additional payment.

“Declaration on financing the additional payments into employee capital plans (PPK)” is available on the UW Human Resources website (PPK subpage) >>