UW as a research university
30 października 2019

The University of Warsaw received a grant in the first competition in the framework of the “Excellence initiative – research university” programme. Experts evaluating the UW application gave it the highest evaluation score.

The possibility of receiving the research university status was introduced by the new Law on Higher Education and Science. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education opened the call in March. Higher Education Institutions could submit their application from 15th May to 24th July. Out of 20 applications submitted in response to the call, the Ministry has selected 10 HEIs. The selected HEIs, including the University of Warsaw, will receive a state subsidy increased by 10% annually for 6 years (2020-2026).

The main objective of the programme is to identify HEIs in Poland that have the highest potential to improve their quality of research and teaching, strengthen international collaboration and develop management practices promoting scientific excellence.

“The excellence initiative complements other existing UW strategic activities that have been taking place at the university for a few years,” says Prof. Marcin Pałys, UW rector. “We develop our infrastructure within the multi-annual development plan ‘The University of Warsaw 2016-2025’, and modern education thanks to the University’s Integrated Development Programme (2018-2022). As a university, we participate in the 4EU+ Alliance that was selected as a European university. We are planning to create a federation with the Medical University of Warsaw. We are involved in developing projects that were awarded European Research Council grants and other international initiatives, e.g. Knowledge and Innovation Community,” he adds.

The UW application, selected by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, was widely consulted.

“We asked our scientists to indicate fields in which our university should develop and carry out research. They pointed out strategic areas on which we want to focus in the foreseen future. They represent both exact and natural sciences, as well as humanities and social sciences,” stresses Prof. Maciej Duszczyk, UW vice-rector.

Approximately 150 employees were working together on this proposal.

Thanks to the “Excellence initiative – research university” grant, UW will develop five priority research areas addressing main contemporary societal challenges.

Thanks to the grant, it will be possible to:

  • set a scholarship programme for scientists that includes funds to create a research team after returning to the University of Warsaw;
  • co-fund the costs of trips to conferences and schools for employees, doctoral candidates, and students;
  • develop the existing internal grant programme at the university;
  • provide soft skills training (e.g. writing articles, presenting scientific results, project management);
  • set a programme for visiting professors;
  • open new study programmes related to priority research areas;
  • finance the scholarship system and research camps for the best candidates;
  • open a kindergarten in Ochota and childcare centers in the city center.

UW strenghts

The University of Warsaw was highly evaluated among other HEIs taking part in the competition. Evaluators stressed the fact that UW has already been carrying out world-class research in areas considered as priority research areas. What is more, they tackle global challenges. Evaluators indicated strengths of the University of Warsaw, e.g. good research performance, international collaboration, promising potential, modern research infrastructure, and excellent location.The project that UW is planing will certainly have a positive impact.


Source: www.en.uw.edu.pl

An announcement for post-doc position
21 października 2019

Position of postdoc in the EURAMET (EMPIR) Project 18SIB04 „Towards quantum-based realizations of the pascal”, financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, is open for application. Project leader: Prof. dr. Bogumił Jeziorski. Deadline for applications: 14 November 2019. For more info see >> pdf

“We Are All Equal”
16 października 2019

In October, the “We Are All Equal” social campaign has been launched. It aims to emphasize the diversity of the UW community and equality among its members.

The University of Warsaw is a place where there is no room for any kind of discrimination. We strive to create a friendly, peaceful, and safe atmosphere where everyone, regardless of their nationality, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, and religion, will feel comfortable.

People who experience discrimination will find support at the university. In 2011, the University of Warsaw appointed its ombudsman, a fully independent and neutral university officer, to whom students, faculty, and administrative staff may turn for assistance in matters related to the university and its community, informally and confidentially. The ombudsman supports the staff and students in problem-solving and sees to it that all members of the academic community are treated fairly and honestly. Since 2016, UW has its Equal Opportunity Chief Specialist who is engaged in anti-discrimination policy, equal treatment, and diversity at our University. This person takes steps to fully respect and implement the principle of equal treatment, and to prevent discrimination. At the University of Warsaw, there is also the Rector’s Committee for Preventing Discrimination. More information >>

The “We Are All Equal” campaign consists of a set of posters and social media activities. Materials will also appear on university websites and fan pages. Members of our community, representing groups particularly at the risk of discrimination and unequal treatment, featured in a video.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of discrimination, hate speech, mobbingand how to counteract these phenomena.

The campaign was created in cooperation with many university units. The UW Promotion Office, the project coordinator, organised it in close cooperation with Dr. Anna Cybulko (academic ombudsman), Dr. Julia Kubisa (equal opportunity chief specialist), and Magdalena Miksa (anti-mobbing coordinator).

The campaign is part of the activities implementing the European Charter for Researchers and the HR Excellence in Research strategy at the University of Warsaw. The strategy includes the implementation of activities in the area of equal treatment and increasing knowledge and awareness in the field of anti-discrimination.

More information


Source: www.en.uw.edu.pl

Let’s ac
10 października 2019

The UW Volunteer Centre team organises a meeting for all members of our community during which it presents its offer and encourages other people to get involved. It takes place on 10th October in front of the Old Library building.

Students, doctoral students, and employees are invited to stop by and have a conversation with the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsawmembers. The aim is to get to know each other and show that helping and engaging in social activities can be easy.

Participants of the meeting can:

  • learn how to make zero-waste gadgets for dogs that will be delivered to a shelter in Warsaw,
  •  find out more about the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw and learn how to join it.

UW Volunteer Centre gives a lot of possibilities. One can contribute to the life of local communities, support and help others, meet great people from around the world, discover and develop own potential and acquire skills and competences. 

The event takes place on 10th October from 9:30 to afternoon on the Main Campus of the University of Warsaw, in a tent in front of the Old University of Warsaw Library.

Find out more about the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw >>


Source: www.en.uw.edu.pl

An announcement for post-doc position

Position of post-doc in the OPUS 16 project of no. 2018/31/B/ST4/00406 entitled „Interactions of statins with biological membranes – implications for safe systems of drug delivery” financed by Polish National Science Centre is open for application. Project leader: prof. Renata Bilewicz. Deadline for applications: 20 November 2019. For more info see >> pdf

Job offer for a PhD student position
09 października 2019

Position of PhD student in the project entitled „Modelling of crystal and magnetic local structure in potential quantum spin liquid (QSL) alpha-RuCl3” financed by National Science Centre (NCN) is open for application. Project leader: dr Wojciech Sławiński. Deadline for applications: 10 November 2019. For more info see >> pdf

An announcement for adjunct position

Position of adjunct (group of research staff) in the project entitled „Modelling of crystal and magnetic local structure in potential quantum spin liquid (QSL) alpha-RuCl3” financed by National Science Centre (NCN) is open for application. Project leader: dr Wojciech Sławiński. Deadline for applications: 10 November 2019. For more info see >> pdf

Workshop on communication and multiculturalism
08 października 2019

International long term students are invited to take part in the communication and multiculturalism workshop. This event will take place on 11th-12th October and 25th-25th October.

Students from abroad who get an education at the University of Warsaw have a unique possibility to learn more about Poland, the city of Warsaw, culture shock experience, communication in a multicultural environment.

The event is organised by the UW Welcome Point.It will consist of two integral parts: cultural and communicational. During both segments of the workshop, participants will be introduced to various theories regarding culture and get the practical tools to understand them.

There are two dates dedicated to a particular group of students:

  • 11th-12th October – first-year long term students of the first cycle (BA) and Foundation Year. Registration >>
  • 25th-26th October – second cycle (MA), long term students of 2nd and 3rd year of the first cycle (BA), long term students of 4th and 5th year of uniform master-level studies. Registration >>

Both workshops will take place at the University of Warsaw Library (56/66 Dobra Street) on both days from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

More information is available at welcome.uw.edu.pl/communication-and-multiculturalism.


Source: www.en.uw.edu.pl

Events for foreign students
02 października 2019

Dear Students,

We hope that you enjoy first days in Warsaw and that you started the new academic year with enthusiasm. It surely will be a great time for you all. Welcome Point prepared very interesting events for you in October. Among them are:

Duty hours for token registrations

4th of October from 10 am to 1 pm and on 5th of October from 2 pm to 4 pm in the building of Student’s Union near the small courtyard on the main campus (first floor, room 200).

Cultural orientation workshops
–        11 – 12.10.2019 r. (students of the first year of Bachelor studies)
–        25 – 26.10.2019 r. (students of the second year of Master studies)

Campus game with the Students’ Union – details soon

Please also check our new, fresh guidebook for international students:

We cordially invite you also to learn about the offer of the Volunteer Centre of the UW and to participate in the Multicultural Volunteering that starts this Friday 5th of October: http://bit.ly/2oeIvC4

Learn more on our website and Facebook group:

Kind regards,
Welcome Point Team
welcome@uw.edu.pl, www.welcome.uw.edu.pl


Signing ceremony of the ENSEMBLE3 project
01 października 2019

During the Research and Innovation days in Brussels, on September 24th a symbolic Signature Ceremony of the ENSEMBLE3 Teaming for Excellence project took place. ENSEMBLE3 was represented by the project coordinator prof. Dorota A. Pawlak (Institute of Electronic Materials Technology and University of Warsaw), and Prof. Jose M. Pitarke – director of NanoGUNE in Spain.

During Signature Ceremony prof. Dorota A. Pawlak and Mr. Jean-Eric Paquet, Director-General – Directorate “Research and Innovation” (RTD) co-signed the project. Mr. Jean-Eric Paquet communicated key messages, challenges, and opportunities of the Teaming projects. As the ceremony was addressed to 14 new Teaming projects it was also an occasion to liaise with other project coordinators and project partners.

In addition, during the conference session “Bridging, Widening, Sharing let’s Advance Europe together!” dedicated to the importance of exploiting pockets of excellence wherever they emerge and the key role of all stakeholders to advancing R&I in Europe, the representatives of the Teaming projects were called on stage and greeted by Commissioner Carlos Moedas along with chairwomen of ENVI Committee Adina-Ioana Vălean.

The goal of the ENSEMBLE3 project is to create a new Centre of excellence for nanophotonics, advanced materials and crystal growth-based technologies. This ambitious venture will be possible due to funds from the Teaming for Excellence European Commission programme H2020 and the International Research Agenda Programme of Foundation for Polish Science. Joint funding secured for Centre’s establishment is roughly 30 million EUR.

ENSEMBLE3 Centre of Excellence will be devoted to thriving in the field of crystal growth technologies, including manufacture of functional materials for applications such as nanophotonics, optoelectronics, telecommunication, medicine, and photovoltaics. The project starts on October 1st and will be carried out as a joint effort of leading Polish institutions – Łukasiewicz Research Network Institute of Electronic Materials Technology, the University of Warsaw, and the National Centre for Research and Development. Very important pillars of the Project Consortium are renowned foreign partners: the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), and the Cooperative Research Center nanoGUNE Consolider (Spain).

More information: http://ensemble3.eu/




Representatives of 14 new laureates of Teaming for Excellence programme of EU H2020 together with Commissioner Carlos Moedas and chairwomen of ENVI Committee Adina-Ioana Vălean.


ENSEMBLE3 project coordinator- Prof. Dorota A. Pawlak and Director General of RTD (Directorate “Research and Innovation”) Jean-Eric Paquet – after signing project certificate.